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Personal Reflections on Nosferatu

For my first (on-topic) blog post, I thought it would be cool, for me, to write on one of my favorite movies: Nosferatu. First, I should note that I did not discover this movie by noble means. Being a part of the millennial generation, I was raised watching shows and movies that, visually, seemed adept for children’s eyes. On the other hand, that type of entertainment taught us simplistic grammar skills, good manners (in some cases), and had the ability to make us laugh only through absurd antics, but showed us no sense of culture or ambiguity. However, one show decided to include some artistic allusions amongst the turmoil. Yes, I learned about Nosferatu from the show Spongebob Squarepants. Since then, I have always been fascinated with the movie. The movie is a obvious rip off of Dracula, but because of legal copyrights, the movie was called Nosferatu. At first, I did not understand the silent masterpiece. To me the story  seemed bland and boring. I thought that a horror film needed gore and props galore to show off its spooky vibe. But then, I decided to put myself in the shoes of someone from the early twentieth century, and from then on enjoyed it more. It was a drama-filled, horror, symphony that mixed love and monsters together.  A quarter way through the film, one meets the title villain. Nosferatu, then played by Max Schreck, had a truly haunting presence on screen. Nosferatu, the vampire, was not depicted as the sterotypical caped, hanging from the wall kind of creature we all know, but instead is dressed in a suit. While not having mystical powers, Nosferatu craves the love that other people share. He steals this love and it in turn keeps him alive. (that and of course the stereotypical blood) I do recommend this movie as it is quite entertaining. If you don’t, however, have patience for silent movies, I would strongly not recommend this movie for you.
For me though, A+