Calling All Nerds!!! Sci-FI movies: Interstellar and it’s impact.

When I think back to how many times movies have impacted my life, one particular movie sticks out to me. I remember I went to go see the movie Interstellar, directed by Christopher Nolan, without any desire to truly see it, however; I left the theater speechless. It follows the simple story of a father who sacrifices himself to save his children (and all humanity). The, shot in IMAX, film is accompanied by ‘earth shattering’ effects that were scientifically backed for authenticity.  After initially seeing the movie (I have now seen the movie at least 42 times), I knew I was hooked. However, I wasn’t solely just hooked to the story, the effects, and the actor portrayals, but, I was also hooked to the SCIENCE of the movie. Shortly after seeing the movie, I started buying various books about space. From books, I soon moved into television that solely revolved around all things space, universe, planets, etc. This then, led 560736me to more philosophical and spiritual readings (spirituality- more on this in another article).

This movie altered the way I conceptualized life by inspiring me to think deeper into things (without the use of drugs). It even inspired me to attend a live seminar led by renowned, astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson. Now what kind of entitled, High schoolish, spit, kid would, in their right mind, attend a seminar like that. I’ll tell you who. The type of kid that you know is enthusiastic about life and all that it offers. This is what that movie offered me.

Now, I know by now that whoever (if anybody) is reading this passage is thinking to themselves, “Alright, man. C’mon, It was just a movie. Don’t get all f****** crazy over a movie.” or they’ll just plain out say, “What the hell is wrong with you?” I would truly respect and understand both of those remarks. I would even invite those types of comments, however, in that, I would also raise a question to them. What do you enjoy in life? What are YOU interested in? I hope they would have a good answer.


Other movies can offer this same experience. You just have to see good movies.



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