The Wolf of Wall Street- A few words about the film that portrays a Man, a Myth, a blown-out of proportion egomaniac: Jordan Belfort (part 1)

Drug addiction, Sex addiction, adrenaline addiction and addiction to money. These big four topics are explored in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street directed by Martin Scorsese. The loosely based story follows the life of, now, American author, motivational speaker, and former stockbroker, Jordan Belfort.  After taking and loosing a job on Wall Street Belfort develops a scheme to develop a fortune that was unforeseeable. However, this unforeseeable entity was followed by the FBI and later washed down by the system that allowed it to go so high. Belfort’s smarts were taken advantage of by money and fame, and, as a result, he eventually lost it all. Amidst the chaos, Leonardo DiCaprio brings Belfort’s character to life by portraying him as a (robin hood-ic)  tragic hero, who eventually looses “EVERYTHING” (except a good chunk of money) to the charges of fraud. When looking at the characteristics of a tragic heroes, one could see the character of Jordan Belfort portrayed by Leo. He offers Hamartia-flaws; in this case would be the addiction cycles, Hubris-pride and disrespect; the “king of the mountain”-esque charecterstic of Belfort, and Peripetia-reversal of fate through the outcome of his decisions. Scorsese, then, completes the cycle by adding in other traits that, complete, the charecteristic cycle, however, in my opinion, using the word hero and Jordan Belfort together repel eachother in my sense. Therefore, I wish to dive deeper into the man behind the mask. My next blog post will offer more details into the man himself, the real Jordan Belfort, and offer up details of how he overcame his fall and made his fortune all over again legally. I will, then, also offer up my personal critique of the film, and offer a reason of why I believe it should be held up to the highest degree.

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