Welcome to my Blog page! Before I start, let me introduce myself. My name is Thomas VonLehmden and I consider myself to be the BIGGEST movie buff in North America. I have been a student at The University of Tampa since 2015. My major is Marketing and I plan to be a business man, but movies are my passion. I’ve always found movies to be very therapeutic. However, the problem that arises for many is the amount of movies that one can pick from. There are so many, that the actual act of picking a movie can become very overwhelming. Furthermore, if the movie turns out bad, then you, as the viewer, feel as if you wasted your precious time. This loss can be frustrating. Movie Central’s mission is to get rid of this frustration so you can enjoy every movie you watch. We offer in and out depth analysis of movies so you know what your getting yourself into. No matter what type, I believe that watching a movie should be like reading a book. There should be a connection drawn between viewer and film, because without this, the viewer may find it uninteresting and, ultimately, frustrating. Unlike other movie information sites, Movie Central will offer viewers a great user experience that will be quick and to the point. In conclusion, I truly believe a good film can help one escape the stresses of daily life in the matter of an hour or two. With a little help from Movie Central, you can make sure this happens with every movie you watch. Let us cater to your inner egos! Good? Great. Let’s get started. ACTION!!!!!


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